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  • Präsident:Juan Carlos Varela
  • Vizepräsident:Isabel Saint Malo
  • Hauptstadt:Panama City
  • Sprachen:Spanish (official), indigenous languages (including Ngabere (or Guaymi), Buglere, Kuna, Embera, Wounaan, Naso (or Teribe), and Bri Bri), Panamanian English Creole (similar to Jamaican English Creole; a mixture of English and Spanish with elements of Ngabere; also known as Guari Guari and Colon Creole), English, Chinese (Yue and Hakka), Arabic, French Creole, other (Yiddish, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese) note: many Panamanians are bilingual
  • Regierung
  • Nationales Amt für Statistik
  • Bevölkerung:3.929.141 (2015)
  • Fläche:74.340 (2015)
  • BIP pro Kopf:13.268 (2015)
  • GDP, billion current US$:52,1 (2015)
  • Gini-Koeffizient:50,7 (2014)
  • Ease-of-Doing-Business-Rang:70 (2017)