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Joint Organisations Data Initiative

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    • Mai 2017
      Quelle: Joint Organisations Data Initiative
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      The Joint Organisations Data Initiative is a concrete outcome of the producer-consumer energy dialogue. The initiative relies on the combined efforts of producing and consuming countries and the seven JODI partner organisations to build the timely, comprehensive, and sustainable energy data provision architecture which is a prerequisite for stable energy commodity markets. More than 90 countries/economies, Members of the six pioneer organisations (APEC, EUROSTAT, IEA, OLADE, OPEC and UNSD) participate in JODI Oil, representing around 90% of global oil supply and demand. When the Joint Organisations Data Initiative Oil (JODI Oil) was first launched in 2001, the primary goal was not to build a database but to raise the awareness of all oil market players to the need for more transparency in oil market data. The database consists of: seven product categories: crude oil, LPG, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, fuel oil and total oil products; eight flows: production, demand, refinery intake and output, imports, exports, closing stock levels and stock change; data in three different units: barrels, tons and litres; data for more than 90 participating countries; data from January 2002 to one month-old.