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The drivers of a culture interpenetration can be partially attributed to the continuous growth of international business opportunities, the rapid spread of telecommunications (e.g. the Internet) in general and social online networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in particular, the growth of leisure travels, and the increase in migration. According to Craig and Douglas (2006), this culture interpenetration produces de-territorialization, cultural contamination, cultural pluralism, and cultural hybridization. Since culture consists of shared societal values, norms, and belief systems (Craig and Douglas, 2006) manifested in patterned ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in interactions with others (Kluckhohn 1952), the 2015 IBCR conference attempts to shed lights on the impact of the evolving cultural environment on behaviors, attitudes, business negotiations, communications, and business strategies.

Event Holder: Social and Behavioral Sciences Network (SBSN)

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