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  • Governor General:Julie Payette
  • Premierminister:Justin Pierre James Trudeau
  • Hauptstadt:Ottawa
  • Sprachen:English (official) 58.7%, French (official) 22%, Punjabi 1.4%, Italian 1.3%, Spanish 1.3%, German 1.3%, Cantonese 1.2%, Tagalog 1.2%, Arabic 1.1%, other 10.5% (2011 est.)
  • Regierung
  • Nationales Amt für Statistik
  • Bevölkerung, Personen:37.058.856 (2018)
  • Fläche, km2:9.093.510
  • BIP pro Kopf, US$:46.125 (2018)
  • BIP, Milliarden aktuelle US $:1.709,3 (2018)
  • Gini-Koeffizient:No data
  • Ease-of-Doing-Business-Rang:22


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  • A
    • November 2019
      Quelle: Food and Agriculture Organization
      Hochgeladen von: Knoema
      Zugriff am: 17 November, 2019
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      The data describe the average use of pesticides per area of cropland (arable land and permanent crops) at national level in a time series from 1990 to 2014. 
    • Oktober 2019
      Quelle: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
      Hochgeladen von: Knoema
      Zugriff am: 08 Oktober, 2019
      Datensatz auswählen
      The gross nutrient balances (N and P) are calculated as the difference between the total quantity of nutrient inputs entering an agricultural system (mainly fertilizers, livestock manure), and the quantity of nutrient outputs leaving the system (mainly uptake of nutrients by crops and grassland). Gross nutrient balances are expressed in tonnes of nutrient surplus (when positive) or deficit (when negative). This calculation can be used as a proxy to reveal the status of environmental pressures, such as declining soil fertility in the case of a nutrient deficit, or for a nutrient surplus the risk of polluting soil, water and air. The nutrient balance indicator is also expressed in terms of kilogrammes of nutrient surplus per hectare of agricultural land to facilitate the comparison of the relative intensity of nutrients in agricultural systems between countries.
  • F
    • Oktober 2019
      Quelle: Statistics Canada
      Hochgeladen von: Knoema
      Zugriff am: 18 November, 2019
      Datensatz auswählen
      Farm input price index (FIPI). Quarterly Data are available from from the first quarter of 2002. The table presents data for the most recent reference period and the last four periods. The base period for the index is (2012=100).
    • November 2017
      Quelle: International Fertilizer Industry Association
      Hochgeladen von: Knoema
      Zugriff am: 07 November, 2018
      Datensatz auswählen
      Assessment of Fertilizer Use by Crop at the Global Level 2015. Fully understanding the contribution of the different crop types to fertilizer use at national, regional and global levels is a prerequisite to the development of sound fertilizer demand forecasts. IFA gathers information on fertilizer use by crop in the main fertilizer-consuming countries. IFA’s country estimates currently cover 28 countries (considering the European Union (EU-28) as a single country). These countries account together for 94% of world fertilizer consumption.
  • P
  • R
    • September 2019
      Quelle: Food and Agriculture Organization
      Hochgeladen von: Knoema
      Zugriff am: 16 Oktober, 2019
      Datensatz auswählen
      The Pesticides Use database includes data on the use of major pesticide groups (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Plant growth regulators and Rodenticides) and of relevant chemical families. Data report the quantities (in tonnes of active ingredients) of pesticides used in or sold to the agricultural sector for crops and seeds. Information on quantities applied to single crops is not available.
  • U

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