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Female Population


All the people who reside in the country at the time of the interview, whether domestic or foreign. It includes Mexican diplomats functioning overseas and family members residing with them, those who cross the border daily to work in another country, and homeless population. Do not include foreigners who do office or diplomatic work in the country or their families. Until 1900 Quintana Roo was included in Yucatan, Baja California Sur was included in Baja California. Figures for the following census dates: October 20 (1895), October 28 (1900), October 27 (1910), November 30 (1920), May 15 (1930), March 6 (1940), June 6 (1950), June 8 (1960), January 28 (1970), June 4 (1980), March 12 (1990), November 5 (1995), February 14 (2000), 19 October (2005) and June 12 (2010).

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