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Central Bank of Suriname

The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) is the monetary authority of the country and acts as guardian of the financial sector, banker to the commercial banks, and cashier, banker, and financial advisor to the Government. As the monetary authority, its core objective is to preserve the purchasing power of the Surinamese Dollar through conduct of monetary policy and reserve accumulation. The CBvS is also charged with the supervision of the banking, credit union, insurance, and pension systems. The Central Bank of Suriname was established on April 1, 1957. Since then, it has fulfilled a key role in the financial and economic development of Suriname. Besides fulfilling its core roles, the CBvS has played a leading role as an incubator and reform facilitator, an educator and training ground for advanced work in economics and public sector and financial management. The Central Bank of Suriname is a principle and performance-driven organization that is also known as an excellent employer. The CBvS is currently spearheading a set of fundamental reforms of itself, the financial system of Suriname, and the public sector financial management, aimed at modernizing the financial system in its entirety and increasing the efficiency, stability, and integrity of financial management in general.

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