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MJIC Marijuana Index

MJIC Inc. and MJIC Marijuana Index Series is a leading provider of financial, business and industry data for the global marijuana economy. MJIC offers comprehensive and unique financial information services for public and private organizations, financial institutions and individual investors. Through its diverse portfolio of customized marijuana sector benchmark indices, MJIC Marijuana Index provides users with the ability to efficiently and effectively navigate today’s mercurial global marijuana capital markets. As the creator of the world’s first Marijuana Industry Equity benchmark index, MJIC has quickly become the trusted source for delivering leading financial index solutions transforming the global marijuana capital markets space.

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    • November 2017
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      8MJIC Marijuana Indices closing prices daily series and performance of unadjusted price data. Marijuana Index is benchmark for measuring the marijuana equity market in US & Canada. Global Index includes all stocks tradable on US & Canada exchanges. US Reporting Index includes stocks of all cannabis market companies that reporting to SEC.   Source:  http://www.quotemedia.com/portal/history?qm_symbol=^MJIG@MMJ