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National Auto Parts Industry, AC-Mexico

Before the negotiation of the first edition of the Automotive Decree of 1962, the pioneering auto parts manufacturers saw the need to unite to have a meaningful representation of their interests before the governmental authorities of Mexico. In this way the National Association of Manufacturers of Automotive Products was institutionalized on August 19, 1961. Subsequently, on June 23, 1981, the name of this association dome changed as it is known today: National Auto Parts Industry, AC Support the growth and sustainable development of its members through the promotion of the global market and the manufacturing of the automotive and auto parts sector in Mexico. To be the maximum representative body of the companies of the Autoparts Sector with manufacturing interests in Mexico. Supported by the relevance of the sector and the companies that make it up, achieve fair representation before: the authorities (with special emphasis on the federal government), the automotive industry, academia and society, in order to promote growth and development of the auto parts industry in Mexico.

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