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Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation is a government agency in the U.S. state of Texas. Though the public face of the agency is generally associated with the construction and maintenance of the state's immense state highway system, the agency is also responsible for overseeing aviation,rail and public transportation systems in the state.

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      Grants awarded under The Texas Traffic Safety Program consist of education, engineering, and enforcement grants conducted in a partnership between federal, state, non-profits, colleges/universities  and local jurisdictions. The program provides grant funds and other assistance to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes throughout the state. The overall program is broken down into fourteen  program areas (such as police traffic services, speed control, alcohol and other drug countermeasures,  EMS, occupant protection, traffic records, roadway safety, and motorcycle safety). For example: Alcohol and Other Drug Countermeasures: The goal of this area is to reduce the number  and percentage of alcohol and other drug related crashes through prevention, education and enforcement. Occupant Protection: The goal of this program is to increase safety belt and child passenger  safety seat use throughout Texas. Subgrantees use education, training, enforcement and public  information to improve the use rate. Traffic Records: The goal of this program area is to improve the timeliness, quality, availability and  linkages of records between crash data bases. Improved traffic records will improve police planning and response, facilitate highway planning, and improve EMS planning. Roadway Safety: To improve the knowledge of state, city, and county personnel in the current  techniques related to proper work zone installation, maintenance, and safety. Police Traffic Services: Selective traffic enforcement programs focus on increasing existing  efforts to enforce speed limits, target high-crash intersections, increase compliance with occupant  restraint laws, distracted driving, and reduce the number of intoxicated drivers. The Project Celebration program provides small grants to high schools to encourage  alcohol-free prom and end-of-the-year events.

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