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Data Room

Discoverable and Accessible Data for Your Business.

Data Room solution combines relevant public data with the proprietary corporate data holdings, semantic search and
intelligent tools to deliver the best in class data experience for executives, decision makers and information workers in your business

What it does?

  • Provides unified access to all data assets valuable for your business
  • Makes it really easy to find the data especially for narrow and highly specialized queries
  • Delivers not just a data, but answers and insights
  • Facilitates decision making with the relevant information from multiple sources

How does it work?

In a nutshell, it's a subscription service where:

We work with you to identify the data relevant to your business.
Our team sets up a white-label solution supported by the data you select.
Users get access to data and insights from 1000s of sources
We provide ongoing, dedicated support on data and functionality to you

Upon request we may enhance the solution with the following add-ons:

  • Omni-channel access to data and insights via web-based tools, mobile apps, Microsoft. Excel and Google Sheets add-ins and APIs for scripts and other software.

  • Custom data collected for you through our MarketTap data network.

  • FactFinder and other intelligent tools.

What It Can Be Used For?

  • Knowing your industry and growing your business intelligently

  • Boosting your consulting practice and stream of customers

Implemented Solutions

Take a quick glance at the data solutions that were created by Knoema for different businesses and organizations.

Portal, Sustainable agriculture advocacy
MarketTap, Near-real time prices
Haiti, portal, investment facilitation
Switzerland, Portal, Water risk
Texas, Portal, Multi-industry data monitor
UK, Portal, Economic research and analysis
Zambia, MarketTap, Hospital Survey
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Energy Data Portal

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