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Source: Global Study on Homicide: Homicide by Firearms

Economy Crime Demographics
GDP, current prices USD Homicide Rate Total Population Forecast
GDP, PPP current intern. $ Homicides Population Growth Rate Forecast
GDP per capita, current prices USD Percentage of homicides by firearm Population Density Forecast
GDP per capita, PPP current intern. $ Number of homicides by firearm Median Age of the Population Forecast
Foreign Direct Investment Homicide by firearm rate  Total population
Total External Debt, USD Assault, rate Population Growth Rate
Share of Agriculture Kidnapping, rate Population Density
Share of Manufacturing Robbery, rate Median Age of Population
Share of Services Rape, rate Mortality rate, under-5
Unemployment rate Burglary,rate Mortality rate, neonatal
Consumer Price Index Theft, Private Cars, Rate Mortality rate, infant
Goverment Debt, % of GDP Theft, Motor Vehicle, Rate Death rate
Current Account Balance, USD Burglary/housebreaking ,Rate Life expectancy at birth
Current Account Balance, % of GDP   Fertility Rate
Employment in agriculture    
Education Agriculture Energy
Enrolment Ratio. Pre-primary Education Crops Production. Quantity Total Biofuels Production
Enrolment Ratio. Primary Education Crops Production. Area Harvested Primary Energy Consumption
Enrolment Ratio. Secondary Education Crops Production. Yield Wind Electricity Net Generation
Enrolment Ratio. Tertiary Education Live Stock Production. Stocks Solar, Tide and Wave Electricity
Public Expenditures on Education  Live Stock Production. Quantity Crude Oil Proved Reserves
Literacy Rate. Adult (15+) Trade. Import Quantity Proved Reserves of Natural Gas
School life expectancy. Tertiary Trade. Export quantity Production of Crude Oil
Outbound Mobility Ratio (%). Tertiary Food Supply. Quantity (kg/capita/yr) Gross Natural Gas Production
Academic Ranking of World Universities Food Supply. Energy (kcal/capita/day) Total Primary Coal Production
    Total Electricity Net Generation
    Total Recoverable Coal
Health Governance Poverty
Health Expenditure Per Capita Country Policy and Institutional Assessment Poverty ratio at $1.25 a day
Total Health Expenditures Transformation Index Poverty ratio at $2 a day
Out-of-pocket health expenditures Better Life Index Poverty ratio at national poverty line
Prevalence of HIV Global Slavery Index Poverty ratio at rural poverty line
Depth of the food deficit Democracy Index Poverty ratio at urban poverty line
Prevalence of undernourishment Quality of Government Institute Standard GINI index
Global Snakebits Statistics The Rule of Law Index Income share held by lowest 10%
Immunization, DPT World Press Freedom Index, 2014 Income share held by highest 10%
Business Corruption Environment
Global Dynamism Index (GDI) Corruption Perception Index Environmental Performance Index
Index of Economic Freedom Freedom House Nations in Transit Global Green Economy Index
Survey of Mining Companies Global Business Bribery Risk Index  
Enabling Trade Index    
World Bank Doing Business    
Competitiveness Transportation Prosperity
Global manufacturing competitiveness index Logistics Perfomance Index Legatum Prosperity Index Rank
Global Competitiveness Index Transportation Price Index Legatum Prosperity Index Indicators
Statistics Freedom Pensions
Open Data Barometer Freedom in the World Global AgeWatch Index
Map Data. Open Data Barometer    
Democracy Food Security Research and Development
Global Democracy Ranking Global Hunger Index Global Innovation Index
Human Development Property Rights Knowledge
Human Development Report International Property Rights Index Knowledge Economy Index
Telecommunication Ocean  Exchange Rates
Networked Readiness Index Ocean Health Index The Economist Big Mac Index
World Happiness Index    


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