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Ministry of Health and Social Services, Namibia

Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia (MOHSS) is the leading provider of quality healthcare and social services. It works toward providing integrated, affordable, and accessible quality healthcare and social services as per the needs of the population. The mandate of the Ministry of Health and Social Services is to promote and protect the health of the people of Namibia and to provide quality social services. The MOHSS derives its mandate from Article 95 of the Namibian constitution that directs the state to put in place a legislation that seeks to provide health care for people, including the weak and vulnerable, and ensure social welfare. MOHSS also derives its mandate from various government policies and legislations on the protection of health and welfare of the people of Namibia. The Ministry is expected to have an overall function to develop essential health care programs based on PHC approach which is scientifically sound and socially acceptable based on latest technology. The ministry works on developing health care programs that are universally accessible at a cost that the country can afford to maintain at every stage of development in the spirit of self-reliance and self-determination. The ministry also provides information, advice, and organize training for the people to understand PHC approaches and its contribution to the health promotion and prevention of diseases and rehabilitation of those who are in need.

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